October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 11 on Pitcairn (Saturday 31 August)

Today is Sabbath so no one works today and really no one is around.  We went for a big walk and saw absolutely no one! (Dad did see the Attorney General and his assistant while waiting for us when we went to Gannet Ridge).
Dad, Mum, Sharon, Bradley, Neil and I headed off to do the last important road for us to walk so that we can say that we walked all of Pitcairn Island (there are still a few small ones to do but we can complete enroute to something else!).  So todays mission was to the Highest Point on the island.  Basically we headed up and over to the other side of the island to pick up Palva Valley Road.  We passed the radio station again but today it was a lovely fine and warm day.  The walk to the Highest Point was relatively easy … maybe it was because we had to go slowly for Mum and Dad.  Orginally they were only suppose to come to the radio station and then turn back but the insisted on walking to the Highest Point … although it is easy to get there the walk home still has to be done by them!
At the Highest Point there are distance markers to the rest of the world … unfortunately no Melbourne but there is a Sydney and even no Auckland but a Wellington!

We stopped there and had a little lunch

The view from the Highest Point isn’t the greatest on the island but it did give me a good view of the ocean and just how clear it really is …

While having lunch we could see threatening skies all around us and the showers that may or may not hit the island

(check out the curved trunk of the Norfolk Pine!).  Fortunately the rain didn’t hit the island.
At this point we find a satellite marker

So we had across the path to Garnets Ridge path.  The view across is fabulous of Adamstown so we all stop to admire the view…

Once at the steps to the start of the Garnets Ridge walk Dad decides to wait for us but Mum insists on coming with us so we climb up and basically it meanders along the top of a ridge with spectacular views either side – to our left (the west side of the island)

And to our right (Adamstown look east)

Mum, Neil and Sharon are ahead of me and I am not quite sure where Bradley is … flittering around somewhere!

This is basically the track we walk along!

Since Sharon is movie making I overtake and here is Mum keeping up with Neil

And scrambling up some rocks (reliving her youth!)

And here is Sharon and Bradley way way way back there!

Some of the locals also out walking!

They are wild goats.
Sharon and Mum enjoying the view

Mum and Neil decide to stop there … the wind is not strong up here today so Sharon, Bradley and I decide to head towards the Norfolk Pine.  You can see some of the path has disappeared!

We get there quite easily and you can see the pine is not as big as the others as the wind (which can be strong up here) has taken the top of it

I am enjoying the view by myself as Bradley has had to wait for Sharon!

Sharon has a tendancy to stop and video and not watch the path that Bradley takes to get down the rocks so he has to always go back and show here where to go (he covers a few extra kilometers due to the back tracking!)
The end point of this track sits just above Christian’s cave and the view of Adamstown is great so much that I can zoom in and Bounty Bay is quite clear …

Here is Bradley climbing up the Norfolk Pine … somehow I don’t think it was wind that snapped the pine in the past but the kids climbing it!

So we make our way back and pick up Dad and head back Big Ridge Road to Flatland … now our dilemma begins do we take Mum and Dad the short but steep way back or continue down to the outskirts of Adamstown and let them climb the hill they are already familiar with which is longer but easier … we opt for the longer. 
We pass where the island sheds with tractors are and come across the old tractor that we think was dropped by the New Zealand Airforce Hercules Plane 30 years ago

We pass a small patch of Pineapples

The other day one of the islanders gave a small but late in the season pineapple and it was so sweet and juicy.
Exhausted we arrive back 4 hours after we started … I think Mum and Dad are tired as I am guessing looking at the map that they have walked a loooooooooooooong way maybe around 7-8km of not so flat walking! 

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