October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, July 25, 2014

Rest day @ Ti Tree

Well it was a lovely rest day here at Ti Tree, Neil and I had the park to ourselves for most of the day - Kouta was free to roam between the sun and the shade of the trees@
We bought our lunch at the roadhouse - fish and chips and they were delicious ...
 At first I didn't think there was enough chips but once you had a few chip butties I soon filled my empty stomach.
Here is a picture of our camp spot ... plenty of shade here and sun for the solar charging ...
 There were these 2 birds or parrots hanging around and I managed to get quite close to them ... I haven't looked up in the bird book their name yet ...

 Despite the day being mainly sunny there were a few clouds about and they hung around at sunset so tonights sunset was particularly beautiful especially with the windmill and the water tanks ...
Tomorrow we start for Alice Springs and will be there on Monday, there is not internet reception at Aileron so my next posting will be Monday.  See ya all then!

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