October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, July 11, 2014

a funny event last night!

It all started when a town dog came snooping around our tent early in the evening ... it was bold enough to pop its' head in the annex of the tent and snoop a bit, it was also a very quiet dog and had clearly done this sort of stuff before.
Twice I had to shoo it away and not thinking anything more we went to sleep around 9pm.  While thinking about this event that happened to us I am reminded of the saying "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil"  clearly I am the 'see' no evil as I can't see much without my glasses, Neil is the 'hear' no evil as he is going slighly deaf over the past few years and obviously Kouta is the 'speak' no evil as he can neither hear or see properly and is completely oblivious to anything at night as he is fast asleep!  So at 10.40 I am woken by little footsteps on our black polythene at our front tent door and I wake up, peer over the mesh door and can see a black smudge slinking away, I wake up Neil who heard nothing and say the dog was around and I put my glasses on and notice immediately that the dogs bag has gone.  So Neils immediate reaction is to dart outside, meanwhile I am wondering what to do and telling him the dog headed in the toilet direction, then I hear Neil ask someone near the toilet block if he had seen a dog and I hear the guy ask if he had lost a dog and Neil said no a dog has taken a bag from the tent ... now while this conversation is going on I am thinking oh Neil is out there in his Jocks with my jandals on his feet and nothing else and I am wondering what the guy thinks of Neil who is out their in his Jocks and nothing else and it is late at night and really cold!
Neil comes back and we both get dressed, meanwhile Kouta hasn't woken at all and is oblivious to what is going on.
We walk around the campground and can't find the dog, we are more concerned about Koutas medication and ointment for his scratching rather than the nail clippers, scissors, dry food and shampoo.  We give up and meet back at the tent and decide to have a go at first light.
We get in the tent and think what else is in the bag and then Neil remembers that we always store the Trangia burner in the dog bag as it can leak.  Now we don't have the crucial element in our cooker ... so I am devastated as all the food we have to get across to Tennant Creek requires a stove!  So we state that we will have to review the food and buy more food that requires no cooking.  So stewing over it  we both eventually fall asleep.  We wake the next morning and I have come up with a food solution that is simple and not so expensive ... you guessed it Weetbix for brekky and dinner!
So Neil gets up at 7am and walks around town and comes back with the dog bag with everything (including the burner) but the dry dog food - he found it in the local park strewn everywhere ... I am happy!
We both look like we haven't slept at all!
So we review the nights events and when telling my family this story I burst into laughter when telling them the part where Neil is out by the toilets talking to a guy in nothing but his jocks ... so we all start imagining Neil in his Jocks and jandals, it is cold, he has a funny suntan line (albeit not as extreme as mine!) and here is he asking this guy about a dog ... if you were the guy what would you be thinking about Neil ... it is hilarious when you imagine it!

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