October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, October 17, 2011

Nowa Nowa to Marlo

Nowa Nowa to Marlo = 52km
Cummulative total = 641km

Last night I forgot to take a photo of our camp spot and Neil didn't remind me until we were just about to go ... he didn't volunteer to put the tent back up just of the photo!
That old looking shed is actually the lounge and kitchen and despite how it looks on the outside it is actually nice and cosy on the inside!
We set of this morning just after 8 and had decided to give the rail trail a miss and ride along highway 1.  We knew it had a good shoulder so we were pretty safe.  I said to Neil just before we left that we shouldn't get too many motorbikes this morning as the race only finished last night so they will all start to leave around the same time as us and probably not catch up to us ... just as I said that around 8 2 loaded motorbikes road past!  Crikey they must have left early ... and it was like that the entire way to Orbost - heaps of motorbikes!
So there is a nice little climb going out of Nowa Nowa - you climb for around 3km but it is an okay gradient and then it is up and down for the bulk of the way to Orbost as you cross over several creeks.
We did notice however that for around 5km at the 13 - 18km marks that both sides of the highway had alot of regrowth from a recent fire ... we were both trying to recall when we heard about a fire coming through here in the past 2 years as it has been 2 years since we last rode along here.  Actually now I remember the fire starts at around Toastaree - how do I remember that? well last time we came on the trail our bush camp was there at Toastaree under an old trestle bridge maybe less than 50m from the highway in a small gully well as we rode past we looked and saw that the bridge had been burnt down and our private little bush spot was very exposed!
We got to Orbost just after 11 and did some food shopping as I don't think Marlo has any food shops.  We turned south on a quite local road to Marlo.  Basically the road follows the Snowy River and it is at Marlo where the river mouth meets the sea.
By turning south we are going into a solid ocean breeze but fortunately for us the distance is only 14km and the first 9km are along the river bank which has heaps of bush and trees and so protects you from the ocean breeze.  It is the last 5km that is the killer - into a very strong breeze and very exposed.  Happy to get here!
As you can see I am in a thermal and my jacket - despite the warm sun the breeze is actually quite cold.
I took a photo of Neil taking a photo of me! I love doing that!  The mountains and hills in the distance is where the Snowy River meanders from 100's of kms away.
We arrive at the caravan park and chose the park named 'Marlo Ocean Views' thinking that it will be on the foreshore with maybe access to the beach ... Neil said it really should be renamed as 'Only the campground office has Ocean Views' LOL!!!  It is a huge park that is spread over 2 blocks with a road dividing it in half.  There are quite a few permanent holiday batches here but in saying that there is ample tourist room.  He has put us in the second block and there is no one around we have the entire grounds to ourselves - the tourist vans are in the first block!  But in saying that we have to go to the first block of toilets and showers which I am guessing is around a 400m return walk ... best not hold on!  Here is our spot.
That shed to the right is the camp kitchen - or what they call a camp kitchen - a double bbq and hot plates with tables so minimal but all ours for the moment!
Lying in the tent this afternoon waiting for Neil to make my cuppa :) and half a very dry stale coffee scroll (chelsea bun) that I got marked down from Foodworks in Orbost ... couldn't resist the sticker.
After the cuppa we decide to go for a walk to see the ocean views.  We walk along a bit and found a clearing to see the mouth of the Snowy meet the sea ...
and a closer look ...
There are quite a few tracks going down to the river but most are in some state of disrepair - I presume because of stormy weather but we eventually found one ...
this is looking west along the Snowy
and looking west again back up the Snowy!
And me and Kouta taking a break on drift wood.
I have to say we haven't seen the town center yet but along the part we are at is really nice.  Some great homes and holiday homes along here and some have great views of the ocean and river.  I would have to say that I think Marlo is a very pretty place and much nicer than Lakes Entrance - although alot smaller and less populated.  But judging by the size of the caravan park and the fact that there are 2 parks here I would imagine this place like any other coastal town in holidays and summer would be unbearable!
We take a break here tomorrow and shall enjoy a good sleep in tomorrow morning!

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