October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, October 3, 2011

Bayswater to Warburton

Bayswater to Warburton = 49.13km
Cummulative total = 49.13km

We're baaaaaaaaaaack!!!  It has been so long (around 6 months) since we last travelled on the bikes and you can tell I am a little rusty and a bit disorganised as I forgot to bring the cameras up with me to the laundry so this posting will have no photos as I can't be bothered packing up and going back to get the camera cards and then resetting up again - I will put todays photos on Wednesday as tomorrow we are bush camping so no posting.
Well the legs are a little heavy but we coped okay today - actually it went alot better than what we thought it would!
To start of with someone (being myself) slept in so we didn't get away until just before 10am!  Kouta was so excited that I thought he was going to pull a muscle with all the bouncing and running around he did.  Being the school holidays I thought that getting to Mt Evelyn via Canterbury road and another road which the name escapes me there wouldn't be alot of traffic - well the canterbury road hill was okay and not alot of traffic so the steepness of the hill wasn't too bad.  We both managed to get up with no trouble - although we weren't the only ones struggling - one truck over took us on the steep part (and he really struggled when over taking us!) and about 20m on he stopped and had to change down into first gear! I thought beauty we are going to over take this truck! but no he puttered along at about 12km and hour while we puttered along at around 5km per hour!  The down hill was good only to be faced with the awful hill into Mt Evelyn - no this road was really busy (busier than Canterbury road - go figure!) and is narrow and no shoulder - only lilydale topping and a huge drop away from the road.  The road is also winding so we struggled a bit and so did the cars - I had to stop about 3 times as I was going so slow that Koutas movements would push me of the road.  So in the end I stayed with the lilydale topping and I was gasping for air, which by the way was not fresh but full of car and truck fumes!
Relieved to be at the top we took a break before joining the rail trail and that was just wonderful to ride along especially on a warm sunny day like today.  We did have a tree down across the path so we had to unhitch the trailer and carry the bikes over the branches.  Had lunch at Woori Yallock and was greatful for the break as the legs were beginning to feel a little heavy.  Rejunvenated we continued on to Yarra Junction to pick up some fruit and then onto Warburton.
Glad to get here and while typing this the legs have recovered and the test will be tomorrow with how we pull up - should be okay!
Sorry no photos and I will be back on Wednesday at Warragul.

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