October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, October 10, 2011

Foster to Toora

Foster to Toora = 15km
Cummulative total = 256km

We have come all of 15km today!  After a miserable wet rest day yesterday in a rather crappy campground with a kitchen that comprised of tables, chairs, sink, bbq and gas cook top and damn coke machine that took the only power point so the fridge wasn't on and all this for $28 unpowered - and I think that is a school holiday rate!  We woke this morning and Neil in his bright cheery mood saw a glimmer of blue sky and said 'yep we are good to go'!  1 hour later we are packing up with wind and threatening skies and just as we are about to leave it begins to drizzle incessantly, so up to the shops we go to get a couple of days food and we waited there hoping the heavy drizzle would stop ... waiting .... waiting ....waiting ... and Neil still in his cheery mood walks down the end of the street and looks to where we are cycling and says that there is blue sky  ahead ... let me tell you I am about to shove that blue sky right where it doesn't shine!!!!  It is very cold today - a very very very lazy wind that rips right through the lycra, wool armwarmers, polyprops and gortex.  My toes were frozen.  So we made the decision that since it is late in the morning lets go to Toora as we know the campground is cheaper and is a Top Tourist rather than go back to the Foster camp ground - so we headed of on the back roads along Lower Franklin and then onto Lower Toora roads.  I tell you it was freezing but the road was so quiet that it was worth riding along it in the drizzle.  No sooner than a few kms the drizzle stopped but it was still cold.
The back roads take you closer to the coast and we could still see Wilsons Prom in the distance and as you get closer to Toora you see a hill with windmills on them and below that hill is Toora.
I took this photo while in town and there are a few windmills not lots like Millicent in SA.  The campground is a little up the hill and at the back of it is a clear view of one of the windmills.  You can't hear it whooshing but the owner of the campground says that when there is a northerly wind you can hear a very slight whoosh from the blades.
There are no unpowered sites in this campground but a powered site cost us $22.50 with our Top Tourist discount (we rejoined again for another 2 years - fantastic value with a 10%).  So I have the luxury of sitting in the tent with the computer on my lap doing the blog.
this is our campsite nestled under a tee tree to give us some protection should it rain - it is drizzling at the moment so it is lucky we stopped here as we never would have made it to our bush camp or the next caravan park!  We have several views from our tent - one is off our neighbour who Kouta is very interested in ...
there is a lot of beef on that one!  another view if I peer over the high fence, put the camera in maximum zoom and I get to see the ocean ...
well at least the bay - I think that is the Wilsons Prom national park in the background.
Toora township is very quaint and only the Post Office, hardware store, small IGA and pub were open all the other boutique op shops and antique shops we closed today and tomorrow.  I would assume this town is a bit like Foster and very popular in the holidays especially over summer.  While walking in town we came across this old building - not sure if it is still the bank!
So tomorrow the weather is suppose to clear well at least the rain is suppose to stop but the wind and chill will still be hanging around.  Tonight for dinner we are having meat pie and garlic bread - that is all that I could find at the IGA that would suit us with the kitchen they have here - at least they have a jug, microwave, small oven, fridge, sink etc. .... happy to be here rather than Foster!

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  1. Hi Neil and Janet and Kouta,
    It was great to speak to you today. I had a look at your blog and you have done so much already in your first week. Hope the weather is a bit kinder to you, so keep in touch and have fun.