October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camp 6 Golden Beach to Sale

Camp 6 Golden Beach to Sale = 42km
Cummulative total = 455km

It was such a lovely campsite this morning - there was next to no mossies and the sun was just rising over the horizon so we decided to stay here and have brekky - if there was too many mossies we intended to pack up and go down to Golden Beach and have brekky here. 
We left before 8am this morning and it was so pleasant to ride despite leaving the same time as everyone who is going to work in Sale so our quiet little road was somewhat busy for the first hour.  We went through Golden Beach and it has a place where you can have a hot shower - $4 for 5 mins which is handy to know for the next time we come through (if we do!).  Just past the shops we came across one of the locals ...
The road to Sale is a good one and we cannot get over just how friendly the locals are when it comes to us cyclists on the road - they slow right down behind us when they couldn't overtake us.  Neil noticed most were oldies and assumed that it was Pension day and they were all going into Sale to shop and spend!  It wasn't long until we got to Sale since we had a slight tail wind.  Upon entering town we noticed that there were heaps of people lining the street and the opposite side of the road to us was sort of blocked by police and we giggled and said they blockaded the road for us!
Well off course it is the big motorbike race at Philip Island this weekend and we had noticed a few  going the opposite way to us this morning and the blockade sort of is for the hundreds of motorcyclists coming through with a police escort.  It was quite good to watch and we still continued along our way and people were cheering at us even!  One guy took a photo of us as we rode along and as we passed a couple of schools - there were kids watching the motorcyclists and cheered and laughed when they saw kouta in his trailer and so they cheered us on as well! well I think that is probably the closest we will ever come to actually feeling like royalty!!!

Not a great photo of the escort  but it was very impressive indeed.  We arrived at the showgrounds and are staying here for 2 nights.  We chose the showgrounds as it would be cheaper than the other 2 campgrounds and I think both are on the Thompson river which is really high at the moment and I think that would be a mossie infested place.
It is $15 for us for a powered site.  There is only toilets and showers here no laundry or kitchen.  Since we have very dirty clothes as we have been wearing the same clothes for a week now we had to hand wash our clothes either in the shower or in our foldable bucket and there is no where to hang them up to dry so I used my bike and Neil used the tent ...
Tomorrow I will do another round of handwashing but not so many so I hope it doesn't rain!

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