October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wood Wood to Swan Hill

Wood Wood to Swan Hill = 39km
Cummulative total = 1439km
A nice short day to get to Swan Hill but not exactly easy - we had a headwind again but fortunately it wasn't as strong as yesterday.
I mentioned that there is an increase in traffic since the Tooleybuc junction well this morning it was very uncomfortable to ride on the Murray Valley Highway. There is no shoulder and the traffic and B Doubles are almost constant. there is a shoulder once you get to Nyah about 13km south of Wood Wood but not long after that at Vinifera we turned onto the quieter Vinifera-Woorinen road that goes all the way to Swan Hill.
It is a good road to take and the traffic is generally only the local traffic and no trucks. We got to Swan Hill just before lunchtime and we stopped by the woolies to pick up supplies. On our way out to the caravan park we passed an Aldi - so we shall pop in there tomorrow! the campground is about 3km south of Swan Hill and is the cheaper of the 3 parks here - and it also takes dogs.
We passed by the info center and there was a huge murray cod statue so I shall go back in tomorrow to take a photo of that.
Swan Hill looks like a nice place.

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