October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boort to Wedderburn

Boort to Wedderburn = 47km
Cummulative total = 1587km

It was a nice ride today - short day so we slept in a bit as we knew we would have some sort of tail wind with us.
left Boort around 9am and travelled east for a few kms and then turned south east towards Wedderburn. We have been on this road before but had travelled the reverse (Wedderburn to Boort) so we sort of knew what was coming.
It is relatively flat all the way to Korong Vale where we had a cuppa. The area is very lush and the fields look good. Not sure how much rain this area got. As you get to Korong Vale the house gardens still look like they are in drought mode! Mind you we only saw 3 people near the pub as we went through town - possibly there is no one in the houses!
From Korong Vale it undulates all the way to Wedderburn with a down hill into the town. We made good time since we had a cross/tail wind most of the way. Just before climbing a short hill I took a photo of Mt Korong.

I have always liked Wedderburn and the campground here is really nice - not great to look at since we are in gold field type areas so if there is rain the grass grows in patches here and there with hard clay type soil in between patches. So when you look at the caravan park you think it is a bit run down but it is not - it has really clean facilities and is is well maintained and looked after.
When we got to the campground we saw a few of the locals that were here last time we came with Dad. The man whose dog died while we were here is still here and he has another blue heeler dog to replace the one that died. The old woman in the corner is still here and she remembered us and there was a couple in a house boat that also doubles up as a caravan on a trailer is sort of here - their house boat/caravan is here and the owner said they will be arriving in a few weeks. The reason why I remember their house boat is the name - D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. I'm Lost.
We have decided to take advantage of the northerly winds that are blowing and will continue south tomorrow to Maryborough and will take a rest day there on Tuesday. Then 3 cycle days to Colac!

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