October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dingo to Duaringa

Dingo to Duaringa = 40km
Cummulative total = 5878km

Big celebration today ... it is our 100th day of actual cycling!!! So it was only a short day to just down the road from Dingo to a place called Duaringa. We have joined up with the Capricornia highway and are following the railway line that takes all the coal to Gladstone (i think!). It is quite a reasonable road to cycle along - the shoulder is good and the traffic is not really that heavy (mind you it is a sunday). The ride to Duaringa was okay - hilly in some places and it always feels that you are climbing a hill but it doesn't look like it when you look around you - but you are as 5km out from Duaringa there is a nice gradual down hill and I thought as I was riding along that isn't it nice to have a down hill going into Duaringa ... well I was wrong as there is a nasty short, sweet and steep climb to the wee town itself!
We only saw one wide load today and again there was a police escort with it (same police as yesterday!) and this time it was another big mining machine - I reckon it is the machine that is at the base of a dragline as the wheels were removed completely from it ...

... actually if you look to the left of the photo you can see where the wheels normally would be - in fact I was thinking that if they had kept the wheels on it would have rolled along with the truck towing it and so take the strain of the truck itself!
At Duaringa there is a massive rest area that is open to the travelling public and has free(donation at the info center) showers (hot) and toilets and so we are tucked in the corner. It is a lovely spot.

it is free and we have been very fortunate since leaving the coast as we have only had to pay for 2 nights camping out of around 10! Tomorrow we will stay here and there is another rest area at Dululu so that is free as well!
another free accessory with this Duaringa rest area is the mossies - they are thick!

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