October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Robinvale to Manangatan

 Robinvale to Manangatan = 57km
Cummulative total = 733km / 19,639km
Morning temperature = 15 degrees, daytime high = 30 degrees
Manangatan rest area = free (has power too!)

Gosh the nights are very mild lately so that it is alot easier to get up in the morning - it is not that cold!  Today we knew we would have a relatively short day compared to yesterday and what is to come tomorrow so we decided to sleep in a bit ... unfortunately Kouta thinks otherwise so we end up getting up around 7.30am and packed up and ready to leave at 9.15am.
Our road takes us straight south on a quiet road that eventually ends up at Sea Lake.  We noticed that while having brekky that quite a few of the caravaners and tenters with boats are also leaving today.  The road we took also had caravaners and boats on it.  But despite this the road is very quiet and a hell of a lot better to ride on compared to yesterday.  It is relatively flat except for the last 20km where it starts to roll a bit but not too bad.
Again it is a nice hot day and if anything the wind is slightly behind us.  As you slowly come out of Robinvale there are so massive  vineyards with about just over half the field picked - I presume the rows that still have their plastic coverings on still need to be picked.
Once you are about 16km out the vineyards end and you get into grain country.  Not much going on there - I assume they are waiting for rain!
We arrive in Manangatan at around 1pm ...
 and there is not much tot he town, just a pub and takeaway shop.  The rest area is relatively new (built in 2009) and has toilets and a shower and a nice area for us under the tree to pitch our tent.  We park ourselves under the tree and had a chip butties for lunch ... mmmmmmm!
Tomorrow we will get up extra early to cycle the 80km to Swan Hill and try to get there before 1pm so that we can listen to the Geelong vs. Kangaroos game.  We are staying at Swan Hill for 3 nights - an extra long break.

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