October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Koondrook to Pyramid Hill

 Koondrook to Pyramid Hill = 62km
Cummulative total = 1005km / 19,911km
Morning temperature = 16 degrees (warm!) / daytime high = 28 degrees
Pyramid Hill caravan park = $7 unpowered (cheap!)
It was a very warm morning this morning when we had brekky.  The Kookaburras were noisy so they woke us both up - Kouta can seem to sleep through their noise and was not so enthusiastic about getting out of bed this morning.
We left about 7.45am and joined the road that goes to Cohuna.  The forecast today was for very light northerly winds and since we are going predominantly south today it was a relief that wind was not going to be a factor ... well the direction of the wind was correct but the speed was completely wrong - it was a relatively strong tail wind for us - considering the winds are light this time of the year todays winds was enough to let us comfortably sit on 19-20km per hour - fast for touring! (unless you are going down hill).
So within the hour we were on the outskirts of Cohuna where Neil remembered there was a street with my surname and we just had to get another photo ...
 you are probably wondering why I am not closer to the sign ... well there seems to be a lot of broken three thorn jacks lying around and I noticed that around the sign were the three thorn jack plants - some have the thorns on them - they are green and still are sharp - we assume the mature over winter and dry out through spring and get into everyones shoes and tyres over summer!
We picked up a little bit of food at the IGA and of course Neil comes out with items that are marked down and things we don't really need ... like a 2 litre juice and another 4 pottles of yoghurt - fortunately today is warm but very cloudy so they stay relatively cool in the Ortleib food bags.  Cohuna itself is a nice enough place and they have redone the toilet block and have included an information center.  The park land is nice and the lake has this alongside of it ...
not sure what type of fish this is meant to be - carp or murray cod?
From Cohuna we sort of took the back roads to Pyramid Hill and zig zagged our way through predominantly milking country so there is a stark contrast in parts of the landscape - exceptionally dry fields next door to heavily saturated lush green fields.
Riding along we se a hill in the distance and Neil is trying to tell me it is Pyramid Hill, I am saying that I don't think it is so I still take a photo when I have the opportunity ...
 and as we got closer to it with our raging tailwind you could see that it wasn't shaped like a pyramid and I still doubted it was Pyramid Hill ...
 as the road went past it there was a turn off to Mt Hope - site #11 for the Burke and Wills expedition.  So the hill was Mt Hope all along. From there the road undulates a bit but with our tailwind the crests were easy to ride!
Further down you see another hill that definitely looks like a pyramid ...
 and the road goes past it just before you reach the town of Pyramid hill - it is on the right side of the road as you approach it from the west ...
 and believe it or not exactly opposite on the left side of the road they are starting on a 2nd Pyramid Hill ...
 they are just starting on the base!  Not sure what the piles are - there was no sign.
The caravan park is just before you get to town so we haven't been into the township yet - will do that tomorrow morning as we go through it.
Not many people in the park - just a local, not sure about the other tent and us.  The toilet block is really old but clean, the showers are tiny - I could barely fit in them and it was difficult to dry yourself in them, but at least they clean.  We have taken an unpowered spot since it is only $7 (powered was $15) and have come over to the local tennis club as they have table, chairs and a power point.
my road kill today was a boomerang frisbee - Neil is very happy with this find.

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