October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

rest days @ Swan Hill

 The photo above is of Neil with his 'new shoes'.  I forgot to mention this the other day but when we were riding from Chinkapook to Chillingoolah Neil had just finished saying that there won't be much road kill along this road when we came across a shoe that looked in pretty good condition, we made the comment about wondering where the other one was and 50m later there it was ... so upon closer inspection we picked it up and Neil went back for the other. 
Once at Swan Hill they were a perfect fit - great winter slippers!
 Yesterday was another hot day (30 degrees) so we took Kouta for a walk along the riverside and decided to take a dip in the Murray where they launch the canoes.  It is also the spot where the water flows either side of a small island called Goat Island so the water was running quite swiftly and fast in places we found it a struggle to not be dragged down the river a bit ... meanwhile Kouta just sat on the bank pretending to be deaf when we called out to him to join us!
 As you know I get a shocking tan line when I cycle so here is a photo of me wearing my 'white' shorts ...
Shocking isn't it!  I also have  white shirt tan line as well!
Tomorrow we head for Quambatook.


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