October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alexandra to Eildon

Alexandra to Eildon = 22km
Cummulative total = 8414km

We took our time packing up this morning as we knew we would only have a very short day today to Eildon. We left the campground around 9am and picked up supplies at Foodworks as we didn't think there was anything at Eildon (turns out there is a small Foodworks)

The above photo is our spot at the showgrounds at Alexandra - nice spot!
There is a short sharp climb out of Alexandra and then you go down to the Goulburn river and follow that to Eildon. It is lovely riding and beautiful country side and relatively flat. Once at Thorton we took the back Eildon road as the campground was on this road about 4km before the actual township of Eildon. The traffic was okay and since it was early Sunday morning there wasn't much about but I can imagine that the traffic going back to Melbourne would be heavy on a Sunday afternoon.
We got to the campground rather early around 11am and set up and had an early lunch and rode to the Dam wall - 1 6km round trip. After the township of Eildon it is a sharp climb up to the dam wall - okay to do unloaded but I still had to tow Kouta and trailer (13kg) so I could feel him while riding up the hill! ... the little heiffer!

This is at the top and you can see the dam wall where you can drive or ride along the top. It is a nice view from the wall overlooking the lake where there were quite a few boats and the other view back down towards the valley is ruined by this rather obvious ugly looking boat making factory just below the lookout!

The lake is full (although not full enough!) but is healthy looking

The above photo is looking back down the valley and the pools of water you can see is the weir and from there the Goulburn river flows on through Shepparton and into the Murray River just before Echuca.
At the campground out site is right alongside the Goulburn river - in fact all the unpowered area runs alongside the river so it is a good spot. We can see directly down from our tent and in the evening we saw 3 platypus feeding on the opposite side of the bank but they didn't really come over to our side so we couldn't get great photos of them.
The river is flowing and we need not worry about flooding our tent as we are quite high up!

The campground is expensive $24 for unpowered and we have to boil the water as it comes straight from the river and is untreated - not that there is anything really wrong with Australia's natural water but for a campground I think that is a bit backward! To make matters worse the water was crap for your coffee - okay for tea though!
Internet reception is a bit hit and miss up here.

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