October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rest day @ Millaa Millaa

We woke this morning and it was heavy rain and the forecast was that it was going to clear in a couple of hours ... but we still decided to stay as usually their forecasts were wrong when it came to clearing of rain.
Below is a photo of a Bush Bustard and it was taken this morning ... you can almost see what it is thinking ... "I'm sick of this rain"

As you can see it was pretty miserable this morning but funny enough it did clear by 10am and we have only had a few showers since then and we even saw the blue sky! But we had already decided to stay and so we managed to get the tent and fly dry as well as the bags. So it was a very productive day for us and everything is now dry!
We did pop into town to pick up some dinner and on our way way back we both nearly had heart attacks - about 3m infront of us was a small black snake with a red belly and Neil said "oh a snake" oh my god it frightened the hell out of us and so we walked around it and it was still alive but it looked like something had run over its' tail. The funny thing was we walked down that road earlier and it wasn't there so it must have come out to warm itself on the road since it wasn't raining and it was sunny!
This afternoon we just chilled out reading books and listening to the radio. Below is a photo of the donga we were in - our door is the one on the left, the room is about 2.5m x 5m but enough for us. Kouta was a little funny last night with sleeping and we did smuggle him in to sleep in the kitchen but even then he was still unsettled but today he seem right a home so hopefully we will all be able to get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we head for Innisfail.

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