October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, January 29, 2016

2176km to 2156km

We survived our first night!  Had a great tea - gnocchi and eggplant curry!!! ha ha ha indian meets italian - this might be the start of something new in the food world!  gnocchi is easy and quick to cook and the curries are  easy to heat up so we combined the 2 and we have 6 of these meals with us at the moment ...
 we all had a good nights sleep - Kouta did have a panic attack last night as there was a little lightening but not much rain - a quick down pour early evening when we were about to settle down in the tent to read so that was fortunate.  However I did wake this morning to find a wet patch under where kouta slept - half on my mat and half on my clothes - so my mat was wet as was my bra and also my sleeping sheet - so I think kouta might have a little incontinence problem and may have been sooooo tired last night that he had a little accident  and slept through it - normally he lets you know when he wants to go ... so I will have to wash at the end of our paddle today.
We set of around 8.30am this morning - a little weary in the arms but not sore ...
 It is very quiet around here, no one is around, not even fishermen.  All you can hear are the insects making a racket to keep cool and the birds - here is one of the locals - the only one not to fly off as we paddled by ...
 off course many other locals stand on the bank and cheer us on ... here are some more who were very interested in what Neil carries in his kayak ...
 paddling along this morning it is warm (but not hot) and little bit of a breeze coming from the north westish direction and there are plenty of blackberry bushes on the victorian side - I so dearly would like to paddle over and pick some but most are not in an area that provides easy berthing for the kayaks.  I am seeing heaps and are hoping that when we stop for a cuppa that there is a spt with bushes for me to pick ...
 I doubt if they have been sprayed as looking at the maps there is no roads or public access to this land.
Not much camping about especially on the victorian side - there are some lovely spots on the nsw side but I dare not even look in that direction in case the farmer comes down with a shot gun!  There was some good ones around the 2164 to 2160 on the victorian side.  There are very few km markers - in the 20km today our first one was at the 16km mark.  At the moment I am using the spatial vision maps until Yarrawonga and then will switch to the Murray river charts to Renmark and then back to the Spatial vision ones.  Personally I prefer the Murray river charts - so easy to see what is up ahead with regard to beaches, snags etc.
had a wee bit of a change with the embankments today -
 I suppose good campspots at the top of the cliffs but bit of a bugger to get to the top!
We had a cuppa at a great spot that would make a perfect campspot so we have earmarked it for next time!  It is around the 2164km mark and is a tiny island with a lagoon that is sheltered.

 Begining to get a little weary now and started to look for a campspot and we find a nice one just before the 2156km mark - opposite the 12mile stock route - it is up a short embankment ...
just as well we stopped - about an hour later it began to rain - not heavy just showery and also the temperature has dropped dramatically to around 18 degrees - we have put our jumpers on and there seems to be a constant drizzle so my washing is not gonna dry!
Fortunately for us we managed to have a quick wash in the river before the temperature dropped, but the O'Brien curse kicked in today (even Neil said that I had bad luck) but it goes something a bit like this - we haven't seen anyone all day yesterday and today and then when I go to have a wash in the river I have to quickly get out and sprint up the embankment and seek shelter in real tiny vestibule as there is a f*#$%n boat coming - the damn thing didn't come when Neil was having a wash ... no it has to come by when I am having a wash ... how unlucky is that! see Dad and Sharon I am beginning to think like you 2 and apply the so called O'Brien curse to these sorts of things!
Tomorrow we will do another 20km or so and then on Sunday a short day to Howlong.

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  1. Your weather is better than ours. Has rained nearly all day today, although not heavy. About 5 mm in total today. Not as much as we had here on Wednesday after we had set up. OK yesterday so had a swim (cool but Nicola was here for the one night, so had to make the most of it.) Hopefully better tomorrow. Enjoying the blog already.