October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, March 13, 2015

Boot Camp Friday day 3

We all had a good nights sleep last night .... Kouta is on his steroids for his allergies with the Kooch grass (Kouta is a bit like you Mum the day after you started chemo when you took your first steroid ... full of beans and bouncing around ... great that is all we need a 100 plus (in human years) year old dog prancing around feeling like a teenager exactly like you mum!)
Anyway we had 10 hours solid sleep and woke this morning to a very grey dull day and the wind was blowing from the south west so it had bite to it.  We piled on all our warm clothes and walked down the esplanade to warm up.
We got back at 10 and decided to head out as they forecasted a wind change and for it to get a little stronger this afternoon so by the time we headed out the wind wasn't blowing as strong and if it did pick  up we would be okay as we decided to head up to the of the north arm ...
 We both felt okay and the arms we going strong
 unfortunately the kangaroos that we normally see while cycling have been replaced with shags and pelicans!
 as you progress up the north arm you are sheltered from any wind coming from the west and so the water was very calm and the paddling was easy ... enough to get a selfie!
 We got back just on 12 and managed to do just under 2 hours of paddling we were very chuffed with ourselves.
By now the sun was beginning to shine and there was no wind to speak of, the water was very calm and it stayed like that for the most of the afternoon.  The wind did swing to the south east but it was light so we decided to have an early dinner and head out again this time down to the bridge and back again ...
 it took less than an hour but a nice way to end the day ...
 on our way back you pass by where alot of boats are moored and also where the birdlife settle for the night ...
 at nearly every mooring pole you can guarantee there will be a pelican procariously perched on the top of it settling in the for the night ...
I think even Kouta was wishing this one would fall in as he passed by it!
Tomorrow we will paddled around to the township to somewhere near the footbridge and all going well even a little further.  There we will have fish and chips for lunch and make our way back again.

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