October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Monday, March 16, 2015

Boot camp days 5 & 6 Sunday and Monday

sort of skipped yesterday as I seem to be repeating myself everyday ... Kayaking is even more mundane to report on than cycle touring!  No real episodes or happenings really ... maybe we need to deliberately capsize ourselves so I have something to put on the blog!
Below is a photo of the campsite we are on ... I couldn't remember if I posted a photo or not 
 Sunday was a very cold and drizzly start so we weren't sure if we were going to go kayaking, the wind was blowing so it was a little choppy out on the water.  By early afternoon the sun came out and the wind died down so we headed up the north arm again ... the other day we thought we went to the end but  we could continue on so we are not quite sure if it is a river and how far up it goes .... it is not clear on the google maps and it looks like it just dead ends on all maps we have looked at.
I have to mention we have a little routine when launching the kayaks ... actually it is Koutas routine really.  He doesn't seem as enthused about kayaking as he is with cycling .... with cycling he trots up to the trailer and jumps in, with kayaking it is something along these lines ... first we drag the kayaks down to the water, kouta follows to the edge of the grass and waits and watches, Neil turns around and heads back to get this paddle so Kouta sprints back to the annexe of the tent waiting for the door to magically open, meanwhile Neil has picked up his paddle and is now going to get Kouta, Kouta is trying to hide in the annexe but is not very successful .... here he is in Neils arms walking back to the kayaks ...
 Neil walks in the water while holding Kouta and automatically Koutas legs begin to doggy paddle (so we like to call it air doggy paddle!) and continues to do so until he is in the basket, he then settles and waits for us to get in and paddle off!
This happens everytime we go out paddling!
Here is a nice quiety photo of Neil kayaking ...
 Monday is a lot better, the sun is out shining and the wind starts out weak but soon picks up, we decide to go around to the esplanade and up to the pedestrian bridge again but the wind is picking up and is forecasted to be around 20knots while we paddle which means we will have 2 legs where we will have strong headwinds.
 It was okay going down to the bridge but once we got to the Cunninghame arm we were paddling into a very strong wind and there was some very choppy water out there.  We pulled over just before the bridge for a break and something to eat ... you can see Lakes Entrance township in the background ...
 the wind was very strong that Neil had to remove his hat as it kept blowing off.
going back down the Cunninghame arm was okay and it was very hard once in the the north arm going back to camp ... we were relieved to get back.  Although it is a good strenthening excercise for us these strong winds and the arms while weary weren't ready to give in so we must be getting stronger!
Tomorrow we might venture right of the bridge and go up the narrows a bit for our last day of kayaking.

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