October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mortlake to Colac

 Mortlake to Colac = 85km
Cummulative totals = 8501km and 28,502m
Neils Parents caravan park = free!

Well it is the end of yet another cycle tour.  We managed to cover 8,500km or the right hand side of Australia!  Not sure when our next cycle tour is but I think Kouta might have to hang up his cycle knicks ... then again he may decide that yes he would like to go cycle touring again but only on smaller trips with not so many big days ... I think the past 2 weeks have been very hard on him and he was excited to get here to Colac ... mind you if you look at the photo below (taken on the couch in the Kitchen at Mortlake) he would have quite happily stayed here this morning!
 The kitchen is quite good, in need of a little clean and tidy up but great for us as Kouta could come in and since it rained last night we could park the bikes in there this morning and pack them ...

 It was a very cold days ride today and the sun would shine, then the clouds would build, then it would rain a bit but we got to Colac relatively dry and with a very handy tailwind for the most of it!
We took the quiet back road to Camperdown and this is a lovely road to ride, then on to the highway for a few kms to Camperdown where we had a cuppa, then back on the highway out of town and then  onto the quiet roads are Lake Purrumbeet.  these back roads are a series of roads going north south and east west so we would have a tailwind then a cross headwind then back to a tailwind and then onto a cross wind ... it all depended which way the road was going with this strong west south westerly.  At one point we had such a strong cross wind that I could feel it pushing me off the road so I had to lean into the wind and to look from behind I am sure the bike was at an angle like this ... / there was no other way to ride but physically lean towards the wind - fortunately we were still on the back roads.
We rejoined the highway at Stoneyford and for the next 25km we were on it ... it wasn't bad but if it wasn't for the tailwind I think I would have hated it!  We rode in the shoulder which wasn't too bad but could be wider in places.  The traffic was okay  but you really had to be careful when the trucks overtook you with their back draft ... it had a tendancy to drag you out.
So we are very weary today while riding and at one point we had to text Ray to come and pick us up the going was that tough ... we text Ray and Flo from around the corner to come get us! LOL what a great way to end this trip!
Along the way today Neil and I did discuss what we would be getting for dinner ... I threw up the  idea that maybe a roast - Neil said Lamb as it is on special this week but I said Pork and then I said what do you think is for dessert ... I was hoping for Lemon Meringue Pie ... but that might be a bit to summery for todays weather ... we were both wrong - we are having spag bol tonight as they had roast last night so the roast meal for us has been delayed until tomorrow ... we are calling it a pre game roast meal - Geelong vs. Kangaroos.
Dessert tonight is not lemon meringue but something else ... not sure but what ever it is Neil and I will have to have smaller portions.
We weighed ourselves and Neil has lost 10km and is down to 67kg and I have lost 7kg and also down to 67kg.
Until the next tour ...

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