October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fence building:)

Here are some photos of us building a fence between us and our neighbour ... this was suppose to be done next weekend but one of the neighbours dogs kept breaking down the existing rotting out fence and coming over for company!
First chore was to clear away the existing fence and dig holes - very hard when trees are close by.  Then notching out the fence posts - which was left to me since I have a natural and genetic ability to carve!

Zowie taking a break!

next came to set the poles in concrete - 6 poles = 6 bags of cement = 3 for Neil and 3 for Me!
We were up early the next morning - another hot day and we put the cross rails up once they were up it was easy going with the palings

once they were up for the entire length (12m) of the fence we could stop (it was around 3pm and we were exhausted - been a long time since we have done a 8 hour day of work - cycling doesn't count!) and take Zowie and Dexter home.

next morning we were up and it was a short job to put the remaining palings - off which I hammered most of them while Neil did the placing and lining them up squarely.  Once all were up we went back through and hammered the remaining 4 nails in each paling.

Neil happy with his fence!

by mid morning we were finished and comparing injuries ... me with a blister on my hand from hammering ...

and Neil with his bruise from the crow bar ...

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