October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Friday, September 21, 2012


INGLEWOOD TO WEDDERBURN (via Powlett Plains, Mt Korong and Wedderburn Junction) = 42km
WEDDERBURN CAMPGROUND $24 for power (or $18 unpowered)
Oooh the legs felt it this morning!  Not stiff and sore just a little weary when you first start pedalling.
As you know last night we stayed in Inglewood and around this time of the year there is copious amounts of wild flowers alongside any road and one of my favourites are the gazanias ... here is one
while walking the dog early evening we came across a tourist attraction (which wasn't open at the time) it is a Eucalyptus distillery ... an ancient one at that but the town has made a smaller one as a demo and this is inside a new building complete with a cafeteria etc.  It does say that it is open for group bookings ... maybe an idea for your Probus groups Ray & Flo?  We could waunder around the old one and here are a few photos ... personally I couldn't make heads or tales of it!

In the evening while enjoying the setting sun and the atmosphere of the campground! we indulged in a little treat for ourselves and Neil was really excited about this and insisted that we document and photograph it just for you Sharon ... we found an unopened Cherry Ripe twin pack (it obviously was meant for us as they made it a twin pack!) on our morning walk around Bayswater on monday ... we offered it to dad but he turned it dow (I don't know why ... must be getting a good pension!) so we decided to take it with us for our first nights celebration ...
this one is for you Sharon :)
LOL I can hear you now!
Anyway onto today - we got up early and had brekky and as per usual we are about to set of and out comes everyone for a chat - this ALWAYS happens and we can't understand why they leave it until we are about to go ... why not while we are packing up?  But we did manage to get away by 8.30 not after everyone telling us the weather is turning bad ... down south yes but there has been no reports of it up and around here ... but we did know that the wind was going to be a headwind for us ... but hey that is okay so we start of on a lovely quiet road heading north to Powlett Plains (a locality) and the usual one lane road and plenty of places to camp alongside the road so we must remember that for next time.  You ride up towards the mobile tower and then down and along a plain where you get an awesome view of Mt Korong

once at Powlett Plains you turn left and start heading towards Mt Korang and again still a one lane road which takes you up to Mt Korang ...
and then past it and down to meet the Calder highway ... we took a break just before joining the highway ...
we go along the Calder for 1km and then turn left and head towards Wedderburn Junction and then turn left and rejoin the Calder just out of Wedderburn.  I began to feel it just after the Junction as the wind was relatively strong but I suppose it is a good reference point for future headwind days and I am sure we will be getting some more of those!
This is the 3rd time staying here at Wedderburn and I love this town and campground ... we have splashed out and got a powered site.  It has a little kitchen and bbq area so it is bbq veges, beans and rice tonight ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Not alot at the campground ... just the usual grey nomads that dabble in gold fossicking.
The lady next to us last night does a little fossicking with a metal detector but is going to sell it as in the past she has done okay at finding gold but lately has had very little success as the areas where you are allowed to fossick is heavily picked over by other people just like herself but I suppose they do it as a hobby.
One thing I noticed about the people in the Inglewood campground and here in Wedderburn is they are a different type of grey nomad traveller - by no means poorer but I would describe them as 'weathered' they look like they have had a very hard working life but I suspect it is the retirement days out fossicking that has done it to them!
Tomorrow is Charlton.


  1. Great photos Janet! Love the shot of the flowers growing along the side of the road! I think a Cherry Ripe at the end of a full day would be a must for me!!!

  2. Ha ha lol thats very funny about the cherry ripe, I am reading this at work and just burst into laughter when i saw neil eating the cherry ripe with a very cherry checky smile lol :) I still cannot believe you guys found it on the side of the road & enjoyed eating it, i guess finders keepers losers weepers!! But how many finders was there before you two became the keepers lol!!!!
    Awesome photos, I love the flowers! Will finish reading saturdays blog another time as my break is over now.
    Take care of yourselves, good luck with the winds :)
    Lots of love
    Sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx