October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hopetoun Caravan Park = $20 powered ($15 unpowered)
We were the only ones at Beulah caravan park last night so it was a very quiet place.  A few of the locals walked around the weir or creek and stopped and chatted to us.  We went for a walk early in the evening ...
as you can see Neil is wearing his 'fancy nancy pants' but it was a cool evening so he put his tights under them!  If look at the weir it is rather empty and gungy looking that is because the town has decided to dry it out, make it bigger and deeper and then refill it ... not sure how they intend filling it as talking to the locals in this wimmera/mallee region they are officially in drought as they and the crop have only had 10% of the usual rainfall and even Neil and I being the expert city farmers we are can see that some of the crop is looking a little worse for wear.  But the canola crop looks good .
We knew todays ride was going to be short (26km) but into a very strong head wind and it was.  So it took us 2 hours to get there.  The wind was blowing from the north east and so in front of us.  We had to travel all the way via the Henty highway.  Not alot of traffic but enough compared to the quiet roads we have been taking lately.  Luckily they have the train going once a day for the mineral sands otherwise the highway would be chockers full of trucks carrying the sands!
There have been some lovely wildflowers along the road side and when we pulled over for a quick break I found these ...
they are a lovely looking white flower.
Just before coming into Hopetoun Neil decided that he wanted to take a photo of a field of what we thought were chickpea but upon closer inspection he thinks they are some kind of pea or bean ... not sure but I managed to take a photo of him in the field (and no he is not squatting going to the toilet!)
this is a close up of the plants in the field ... does anyone know what they are?
It was a pleasure seeing this sign ...
We came to this town November last year.  It is a pleasant little town and probably the last IGA we will come across for the next week.  We will stay here tomorrow and maybe Friday to catch a very good tailwind hopefully on Saturday.

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