October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Thursday, October 1, 2015

We are in Hollywood!

I am behind by 2 days for this blog and I will just do what we did on Tuesday today and Wednesday tomorrow (hopefully!)
So today we went on a Hollywood tour so it ended up being a very loooooooong day.  But first I will show you our breadfast room, with your stay you get a free breakfast which is all you can eat and a little bit of take away for lunch!  Here is the main island and this side you can see is the waffle, coffee, juice and cereal side and the other side is the meat patties, omelette, roasties, toast and muffin and danish side
this is mums first part of her brekky ...
this is sharons waffle ...
 and here is my lunch for today (minus the yoghurt) which is the front muffin and sharons is the back with the chocolate donut for lunch ...
 so we got up at 6.15am to be at brekky just after 6.30am and out the door and at the bus stop for a 8.15am pickup.  This bus took us on a 30min joy ride picking everyone up to take us to their office which is about 400m from our hotel - we could have slept in an extra 30mins and walked to their offices at 9am!  So all jump on a bigger coach which takes us on a 2.3 hour journey across los angeles to Universal studios and then onto hollywood.  We do pass by the city center and while on the bus you realise just how flat this city is ...

as we passed the city center we got stuck in traffic which occurs throughout most of the day ...
 so we get to the start of our hop on hop off tour at around 11.30 and we start at the chinese theatre which also is in the same building as where the host the grammys ...
 this is all on hollywood blvd

 this is also where they have the walk of fame where all the stars are

 our bus is a double decker and we are sitting on the top level which is open so it is very hot for everyone but me!
so we look at all the stops where you can hop on and off and there is really nothing to look at for the first 10 stops!  at this point my camera battery died so the photos from now on are from sharons phone and if you look at these photos you will understand that really these are not typical photos that would be taken by me ... the one thing sharon and I do have in common when taking photos is we take photos of street signs!
the tour initially starts in Hollywood and then heads to west hollywood and then through beverly hills
by now sharon is almost leaping out of the bus oooohhhhing and aaahhhing over the fact that she is in beverly hills!  Here is a photo of the Beverly hills city hall
a local park
and now we begin the typical sharon photos - all the la-de-da named stores ....

this is the Versace building

and the city hall again

after here we headed to the farmers market where we had lunch and found a kmart and had a look, then back on the bus and this time it is too hot for all so they sat downstairs in the airconditioning while I went up stairs.  So we get back to our starting point near the chinese theatre
we are all pretty tired now and have 90mins to kill before our bus comes to pick us up so we kill time shopping and drinking.  Here is a great view of the hollywood sign.
so our bus picks us up at 5pm and we go to universal studios to pick up the other passengers, we get there with 20mins to spare so we have to wait.  Once all on the bus we make the slow journey home as it is peak hour and we are crawling along a 4-5 lane wide highway along with everyone else!  It is so slow we take 3 hours to get home and get back at about 8.15pm.  This makes it a terribly long day and what is worse is that we have to got through this again on wednesday for universal studios so we decide to cancel that and do something else ... more on that tomorrow.

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