October cycle tour map

October cycle tour map


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brim to Lascelles

Brim to Lascelles = 69km
Cummulative total = 363km / 19269km
Morning temperature = 15 degrees / Daytime temperature = 23 degrees
Lascelles caravan park = $10 powered or unpowered

Internet reception is not the greatest at Lascelles – both Telstra and Optus are very slow.  So will post this at Ouyen.
We woke this morning after a warm mild night to 15 degrees.  We expected last night to be  a little noisy but everyone was in bed by 10pm except Neil who informs me this morning that he was shining his torch around the tent looking for a mosquito (imaginary one I think!) at that time.
It was a nice restful day yesterday and Kouta slept all day and evening and I made the comment to Neil that I hope he sleeps through the night, now I think he did but it seems he decides to wake up early and since we are not awake he decides that he will walk up and down scratching himself in an effort to wake us up.  It worked so while it was just beginning to get light we got up and the campground was very quiet.
We set off just before 9.00am and rejoined the Henty Highway and headed north 41km to Hopetoun.  Man I love easter – the road was so quiet barely a car around and fantastic to ride on. 
Our first stop was at 15km at Beulah – we stayed here last time we passed through and at the rest area they have this wooden statue of a man with a bike leaning against him – not sure of the significance of this but this is probably my favourite bike/cyclist statue in all my travels – I think I have already put a photo of him on the blog before but I will put him up there again … next time I will bring a brown marker and colour a beard on him and we can call him Neil!
We got to Hopetoun at 11.40am and this is our last spot to get food for Saturday, Sunday and Monday as we are guess that places will be closed … we got there just in time as the small IGA closed at 12pm.
From here to ducked down to the lake to see if it was crowded and it was, spot still available but I think the groups there were large and probably noisy!
The campground was very crowded so that would be definitely noisy so we had made a good decision to continue on to Lascelles which is a small tiny town with a population of probably around 10 but has a council camp spot that is only $10 for a powered site.
From Hopetoun we stay on the Henty Highway which now heads in a north east direction for 23km to Lascelles.  This area is very arid and very marginal farming.  We came across a Llama/Alpaca (not sure which) that was looking after some sheep in a paddock that I would say looked like it had not a blade of grass in it … but it must have had something for the sheep to eat for them to be there, Neil said the sheep it the stubble left over from either wheat or some grain grown there.
It is midday to mid afternoon riding along this road and the traffic is just horrendous
As you can see it is peak hour!
The campground at Lascelles is okay – just a dust/sand bowl with a shower and toilets!  There are 3 other lots here.  Tomorrow we head for Ouyen, a place I have always wanted to visit (simply because it is regarded as the hottest place in Victoria.  Here is our campspot and also the toilet block as it has a lovely mural on it!

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